Significance of Spring Gardening for Mental Health & Wellness

Gardening is more than a hobby or a routine. It can become a regular boost to help you feel more positive and resilient in a challenging world. Whether you garden outdoors or indoors, researchers have found that taking care of plants has a decidedly positive impact on mental health and wellness no matter what your age. If you’ve been looking for additional motivation to start a garden this spring, here are a few benefits beyond the rewards of fresh veggies and beautiful flowers.

5 Benefits of spring gardening for your mental wellness

1. Lifts your mood, reduces your stress  

If you feel unsettled or overwhelmed, gardening gives you a reason to take a break and do simple tasks like weeding, feeding, or watering your plants. Many plant care chores tend to be repetitive and have a meditative quality. They can help shift your focus away from negative thoughts or emotional stress and allow you to hit the reset button for your nervous system. If you want to unburden your mind, get your hands (or garden gloves) dirty. 

2. Improves your attention span

One of the challenges of living in a world that rewards the ability to multitask is trying to engage in any activity with complete mindfulness. Many of us spend our days hopping between texts, emails, phone calls, and endless to-do lists. Gardening replaces the pressure of doing multiple things at once with the satisfaction of focusing on a singular task without disruption. When done regularly this type of intentional activity can increase your attention span or even reduce anxious feelings. 

3. Engages you in physical activity

Research has consistently pointed to the benefits of physical activity in supporting the mind-body connection and achieving enhanced mental well-being. Gardening is an inherently physical pursuit that allows you to move at your own pace and ability, whether it’s planting, digging, or pruning. Even mild to moderate gardening movements can help strengthen both your physical and psychological health

4. Connects you to peace and calm

With a garden at the front or back of your home, or a collection of special houseplants indoors, you can create a personal escape from the stress of the modern world. The sight of plant growth, the fragrance of blooming flowers, or the feel of soil in your hands  engages your senses and triggers a more relaxed state of being. Tending to your plants or simply sitting in your garden space provides a deeply satisfying way to connect with nature and restore your sense of well-being. 

5. Helps you belong to a community

When you start a garden, especially in the spring season, you take a firm step towards building a relationship with nature. You will soon discover that gardening is a universal language and that your local community contains many fellow plant lovers. Look for opportunities to mingle with like-minded folks in your neighborhood, at local gardening events, and around plant nurseries. You’ll gain useful tips and quite possibly new friends along the way. This type of low-key social connection can contribute to keeping your mind active and happy. 

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