Bay-Friendly Gardening

Evergreen Nursery is proud to be a partner nursery with several Bay Area non-profit organizations to help promote making environmentally friendly gardening choices. Our non-profit partners include Bay Friendly Gardening,, and Our Water-Our World.

During the year, we host several workshops presented by our partner agencies. We are currently featuring a water saving program with and Waste Management Corp, called “Lose Your Lawn”. This program is a sheet-mulching package to replace your lawn. We encourage you to come to our nursery and we will provide you information on this program.

Through, Evergreen Nursery supports and encourages the Bay Friendly Gardening program, by encouraging residents to make environmentally friendly gardening choices. Bay Friendly Gardeners work with nature to reduce waste and protect the local creeks, waterways and watersheds of the San Francisco Bay.

Because it works with nature, rather than against it, Bay Friendly Gardening simplifies garden care! Using fewer resources, such as water and fertilizer, can mean home gardeners have less maintenance to do. And because it emphasizes natural garden techniques, organic plant foods and supplements, Bay Friendly Gardening offers a way to make our community healthier and safer.

We also feature an extensive line of drought tolerant and Bay Area/California native plants. By planting these excellent species in your landscape, you can help to conserve water while still showcasing a gorgeous garden!

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