Penstemon 'Midnight' 1 gal

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    Botanical Name: Penstemon 'Midnight'
    Common Name: Beardtongue

    This is a tall hybrid penstemon with purple-tinged stems. You will enjoy the extended bloom of the large, dark bluish-purple flowers all season, or cut and enjoy in your favorite floral arrangement.

    Penstemon, commonly known as Beardtongue is a beautiful, elegant, herbaceous perennial that features lance-shaped leaves with multiple spikes of tubular, snapdragon-like flowers that come in a wonderful array of colors. These brilliant performers will fill your summer garden year after year. Easy to grow, these beauties are deer resistant, drought tolerant and a magnet for all pollinators!

    Quick Facts

    Mature Height: 2'-3'
    Mature Spread: 4'-5'
    Growth Habit: Upright
    Flower Color: Blue/Purple
    Foliage Color: Green
    Flower Season: Spring-Fall
    Landscape Use: Borders, Mass Plantings
    Deer Resistant? Yes
    CA Native? No
    Fragrant? No
    Toxicity: Safe for kids or pets.
    USDA Zones: 6-10


    Sun Needs: Full Sun (at least 6 hours)
    Soil/Water Needs: Prefers loamy, well-draining soil. Will tolerate other soil types, but must drain well. Drought tolerant once established. Some summer water will keep plants vigorous and promote better blooming.
    Maintenance: Cut back spent flower stems after blooming to keep plants tidy. Cut back in fall to maintain shape. They need ample space as they do not like to compete with other plants in the garden.
    Planting and Care Tip: