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The Evergreen Nursery has been featured on CBS as they discuss how the drought changes the way we garden. Check it out!

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Our very own Horticulturist Paul Loberg of Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro gives a demonstration on how to plant, feed, care for and harvest a planter box of vegetables. Paul explains the “how to’s” of gardening in easy and down to earth steps that can help novice green thumbs produce some great homegrown vegetables.

About Evergreen Nursery

Evergreen Nursery is your local independent San Leandro nursery and garden center.  We have been serving San Leandro and the surrounding East Bay community from Oakland to Hayward since 1984.  We specialize in service, quality products, and value.  We offer a large and unique assortment of plants, trees and plant care products.

Evergreen Nursery is renowned throughout the East Bay for our exceptional service and our knowledgeable, long-serving, and dedicated staff.

Evergreen Nursery is a retail nursery that supplies beautiful plants and quality gardening supplies to gardeners and landscapers all over the East Bay. Our nursery is fully equipped with all the plants, seeds, tools and ornamental accessories you need to make your garden shine.

We are passionate about preserving and nurturing the natural beauty of our surroundings.  We work closely with Bay Friendly Gardening and Our Water Our World to promote native plant varieties, safer gardening alternatives, and Plant Care in California.  We are continually expanding our assortment of organic and drought resistant offerings, for the best East Bay Garden Services.

We look forward to personally welcoming you to our lovely nursery and helping you find that special plant for your garden or home.  Or, if you prefer, just come in and relax in our garden by the koi pond.