Succulents enhance diverse landscape styles…not just the desert. They also make great additions for problem areas of your garden. Succulents and cacti are easy to care for, water wise, drought resistant, and pest and disease resistant.

Also, many succulents will work well indoors. We’d be happy to plant an arrangement for you — come and see what we can do for you!

Evergreen Nursery offers a year-round selection in many varieties and sizes to choose from.

Expanded selection!  Come see our greatly increased variety of beautiful and unusual succulents.

Featured Plant: Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are deciduous, woody shrubs, popular for their big summer blooms. Endless Summer Hydrangeas are Cultivars of Hydrangea macrophylla. Macrophylla is latin for ‘big leaf’. These tend to be species that grow quite large to 7′ tall and 8′ wide. At this size they’re ideal for foundation planting, they also work well in mixed shady borders. Sometimes they are called ‘mop heads’ for their big, broad inflorescence.

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Featured Plant: Hibiscus

The Hibiscus flower, also the state flower of Hawaii, can really give your yard that tropical, rain forest feel. Luckily, these eye-catching, deciduous shrubs grow well in the micro-climates of the Bay Area. But be careful where you plant them, as they are frost tender. In areas where temperatures get below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s worth planting them in pots and moving inside in the Winter.

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