Drought-Tolerant and Native Varieties

Native and drought-tolerant plants foster a natural environment and need little care. Not only are native plants beautiful in their own right; they will adjust well to your environment because it’s theirs too! Most drought-tolerant plants also thrive in our climate.

Evergreen Nursery carries one of the largest selections of drought-tolerant and native plants in the East Bay. Our staff has unequaled knowledge and experience in helping you choose the right plant for your garden.

Come see our native and drought-tolerant plant collection. In the unlikely event that we don’t carry what you are looking for, we would be happy to special order any available size or variety.

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Native Plant Spotlight: Carpenteria californica (Bush anemone)

  Carpenteria californica, commonly called ‘bush anemone’ or ‘tree anemone’, is a rarer breed of California native, endemic to only seven sites across the Fresno and Madera County foothills. Today it’s prized many Bay-area gardens for its tropical-looking,...

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Native Plant Spotlight: Chilopsis linearis ‘Bubba’

  Chilopsis linearis, more commonly called Desert Willow, is a wonderful ornamental addition to sunny garden spaces. This month’s featured cultivar, ‘Bubba’, owes its tongue-in-cheek name to a high-powered growth habit. A 30-foot spread and enormous flowers set...

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Native Plant Spotlight: Heuchera (Coral bells)

  Heuchera (HEW-ker-ah), are a genus of native North American perennials. Although there are over 50 species, the common name, coral bells, is traced to the familiar red flowers of species Heuchera sanguinea. Alumroot is another common name, referring to roots'...

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Native Plant Spotlight: Lantana

Lantana earns a top spot on our list of low-maintenance ornamental flowers. An abundance of colorful blossoms attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Heat tolerance is significant -- as a matter of fact, the hotter it is, the more prolifically they bloom! Low water...

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Native Plant Spotlight: Tecoma (Esperanza)

Tecoma (Esperanza) is commonly known as trumpet flower or trumpetbush. The generic name is derived from the Aztec word tecomaxochitl, a descriptor of plants with tubular flowers. Tecoma hybrids find versatile use in many present-day California gardens. The showy...

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Native Plant Spotlight: Hesperaloe parviflora (Red yucca)

Hesperaloe parviflora   Hesperaloe parviflora is native to southwestern Texas and the Chihuahuan desert of northern Mexico, making it a sure win for drought-tolerant landscaping in the sunny Bay area. Also known as red yucca, hummingbird yucca, redflower false...

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