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Succulents: Lots of drama; low maintenance

Addictive Succulents

Warning: Succulents can be addictive!

  • They come in a fascinating range of form, size, texture and color
  • They are easy to propagate and rugged enough to endure long dry spells.
  • They ask little but give much.

Succulents can be tiny leaved ground covers suitable for a miniature rock garden or large, Seuss-like creations that rivet the eye and spark the imagination. They may be vibrant yellow, glowing purple-black or modest rosettes blushing in shades of green and pink. We’re happy to help you create your own container garden.

Save water in a beautiful way! Evergreen Nursery has a full selection of interesting succulents to delight you, transform barren areas and inspire your landscape.

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Featured Succulent: Dudleya cymosa

Dudleya cymosa

Dudleya cymosa, also called Canyon Dudleya or Liveforever, is a rosette-forming succulent notable for its display during bloom. It’s low growing with broad, flat leaves characterized by a white, waxy coating and late spring into summer bursts forth in pale to bright yellow, orange or red flowers during late spring to summer.

  • Well suited to rock gardens
  • California Native
  • Growth habit: Low, spreading
  • Light: Full sun or partial shade
  • Blooms: Spring-summer
  • Type: Cactus/Succulent
  • Characteristics: Attractive flowers and foliage