Soils & Fertilizers

Evergreen Nursery offers a complete line of Organic and Conventional soils and fertilizers. We make it very easy to go organic!  We carry everything you need to raise your garden in an eco-friendly way!  We feature E.B. Stone, Fox Farm and Bonide Organic gardening products.

Become a Bay Friendly Gardener by using organic soils and fertilizers to work with nature to reduce waste and protect the local creeks, waterways and watersheds of the San Francisco Bay.  Because it emphasizes natural garden techniques, organic plant foods and supplements, Bay Friendly Gardening offers a way to make our community healthier and safer while simplifying gardening for you!

Come visit us to learn more about organic soils and fertilizers. Our expert staff can advise you on the right product for your needs. We also regularly hold seminars on organic gardening.

Potting Soils

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Edna's Best Potting Soil
Ocean Forest Potting Soil
Recipe 420 Potting Soil
Cactus Mix
Micro Bark
Medium Orchid Bark
Organic Potting Soil
Azalea Mix
Happy Frog Potting Soil
Cocoa Shell Mulch
Fine Orchid Bark

Soil Amendments

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Planting Mix
Soil Booster
Chicken Manure
Big Harvest Garden Bale
Peat Moss
Earthworm Castings
Steer Manure
Top Soil Plus