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Winter Fruit Tree Care

Winter is a pivotal time for fruit trees. What you do now can determine the amount and quality of this year's homegrown fruit.   Stand up and take action against another year of stunted, scabby, worm-riddled fruit! This is the month, while trees are still...

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Gifts for Gardeners

  It's pretty special to have someone take your interests and passions into account when choosing you a gift. It’s no different for gardeners, who tend toward the passionate side anyway. Here are some great gifts for gardeners - and non-gardeners too!  ...

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Houseplant Care

Good news for those who have trouble growing houseplants: The problem could lie in where you put the plants rather than in your having a black thumb. As with their hardier cousins, houseplant care has mostly to do with light, temperature and humidity, so it’s...

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Winter Persuasion: Pruning Fruit Trees

Pruning is an indispensable part of successful fruit tree growing. In a sense, pruning coerces a fruit tree from its wild 'perpetuation of the species at all costs' state toward one geared toward strong root growth, high-quality fruit in reasonable quantities and...

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Bay-Friendly Gardening: A way of life

Californians discard more than 4,000,000 tons of food, leaves, grass and other plant debris annually, accounting for more than 30 percent of the state’s residential waste stream. By using 'Bay-Friendly' gardening practices – composting kitchen scraps, converting plant...

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Legacy of Landscape Trees

“One generation plants a tree; the next enjoys its shade.” ~ African proverb Where you plant is every bit as important as what you plant – all the more so when investing in trees. In addition to their beauty, landscape trees protect us by providing shade and privacy,...

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