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About Kangaroo Paw, (Anigozanthos)

In their native homeland of Australia, these K-Paws appear most prolifically from October to December, however, here in California the season runs from January to September. The word Anigozanthos is derived from two Greek words meaning “an open flower”.  ...

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Lasagna Gardening: Growing Without Digging

How Lasagna Gardening works. The first thing to know about Lasagna Gardening is that it isn’t really a new method at all.  In fact, Lasagna Gardening mirrors the way that plants grow in nature.  Here are the basics:  Lasagna Gardening is a way of growing plants by...

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Planting Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are a wonderful addition to your home garden.  These long-lived plants will provide you with an abundance of tasty fruit for many years to come, especially if you get them started right!  Here are some tips for adding new fruit trees to your...

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Plant Spotlight: Protea

This month's Plant Spotlight is the lovely and striking Protea. This expat from South Africa has become a beloved local inspiration because of its iconoclastic style and rugged hardiness. Because of the stark beauty of these plants you might underestimate their...

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Native Plant Spotlight: Calendrinia Spectabilis

Our Native Plant Spotlight at Evergreen this month is one of our personal, all-time favorites – Calendrinia spectabilis. Calendrinia is a plant genus that was originally named for Jean Louis Calendrini, an 18th-century Swiss Botanist. Calendrinia, sometimes called...

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Native Plant Spotlight: Penstemon heterophyllus (Beardtongue)

Penstemon heterophyllus is a hardy, long-lived perennial species with abundant, vibrant blooms. It is often found in the northern Sierra Nevada and coastal mountain foothills, which is how it earned the common name of Foothill Penstemon. Several cultivars like ‘Margarita BOP’, and ‘Blue Springs’ have been developed for strong heat resistance and drought tolerance which makes it an excellent choice for low-water gardens.
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