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Happy Labor Day!!! Featured Plants and What to do in your Garden in September

It’s September already. We can’t believe that the summer has flown by so quickly! As we head into fall, the days are growing shorter and some trees and shrubs are starting to show signs of seasonal changes. Fall is the perfect time to plant, especially in our Mediterranean climate. Fall, winter and spring rains will help to establish plants and allow them to develop deep root systems.

Late Summer Garden Offerings and What to do in Your Garden in August

Landscapes are becoming dry and dusty in our Mediterranean climate as we head into the late summer. With water conservation on everyone’s minds, we continue to focus on and stock drought tolerant plants that will best survive and still look good with limited irrigation.

Happy Independence Day: Featured Plants and What to do In Your Garden in July

As we head into the July 4th weekend, all of us here at Evergreen Nursery wish you a very happy Independence Day! It’s been a challenging year, and as California opens up again, we hope that you can safely enjoy the holiday with your friends and family. The nursery will be closed on Sunday, July 4th.

Happy Father’s Day! Endless Summer Blooms and What to do in Your Garden for June

Endless Summer Blooms for Your Yard Summer is now in full bloom, and we’re enjoying some heat as well as the usual Bay Area fog! Come and visit us for all your garden favorites: blooming annuals and perennials and your preferred shrubs and trees, not to mention…

10 Flowers for Quick Color

In the spring when the garden calls, we make a list of some varieties that can be direct sown and flower quickly adding some new bursts of color this summer. There is always a little bare patch here and there between long-standing perennials that can use a punch of...

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In Your Garden: What to do in April

In Your Garden: What to do in April

In Your Garden: What to do in April Prune back herbaceous perennials (for example: salvias), to promote plant bushiness, and prevent plants from getting too leggy. Grow your own groceries this summer! Now is the time to plant edibles like tomatoes, herbs, zucchini and...

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In Your Garden: What to do in March

In Your Garden: What to do in March It's Veggie planting time! Organic vegetable starts and seeds are available for early Spring planting. Provide all the calcium your vegetables and fruits need with E.B. Stone’s Agricultural Lime. Prepare your planting beds for...

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In Your Garden: What to do in February

In Your Garden: What to do in February Enhance your garden with pH balanced soil. Add E.B. Stone’s Agricultural Lime or Foxfarm Cal-Mag to the soil to provide needed calcium for vegetables & fruit and to prevent blossom end rot. It’s time to empty your bin of...

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