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It’s the Perfect Time to Plant Onions!

Onions grow well in our climate and are easy to plant and harvest. They are a hardy, cool or cold weather crop, and the fall is the perfect time to plant them.

Featured Plant: Passiflora edulis ‘Frederick’

Passiflora edulis ‘Frederick’ is a cultivar which produces large, eye-catching blooms of white and lavender, from early summer and into the fall. The filaments of the flower become wavy and white as they protrude away from the center of the flower, creating an intriguing display.

Spring Veggie Starts

It's Time to Plant Spring Vegetables and Herbs Now is the perfect time to get those vegetable and herb starts in the ground. We have a wide variety to choose from, stop by to pick up your favorites. We have Tomatoes, Summer Squash, Cucumbers and an extensive list of...

Winter Vegetables for California

Looking for winter vegetables to grow in California? There are plenty to choose from. Even though there are sometimes drought conditions causing water usage to be restricted, you can still grow a bountiful garden. Many vegetables are tolerant to drier conditions and...

Kale Chips

Kale chips: Delicious & Nutritious Even someone who resists vegetables may not be able to stop at just eating one kale chip. They are great for parties and a good conversation topic while holding a place of honor in the nutrition world. Ingredients 1 bunch kale 1...

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Zucchini Crisp

'I can't believe it's zucchini!' Amaze your friends - and yourself - with zucchini crisp dessert hot out of the oven. Chances are they'll think it's apple. The recipe is also known as mock apple crisp. Cooking the zucchini chunks in lemon juice is the secret to this...

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