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Featured Plant: Hibiscus

The Hibiscus flower, also the state flower of Hawaii, can really give your yard that tropical, rain forest feel. Luckily, these eye-catching, deciduous shrubs grow well in the micro-climates of the Bay Area. But be careful where you plant them, as they are frost tender. In areas where temperatures get below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s worth planting them in pots and moving inside in the Winter.

Featured Plant: Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a wonderful choice for planting outside the front of your house for a colorful impact. Or growing on a pergola or arbor for shade. This versatile plant, can also be grown as a staked tree, a shrub, a ground cover or in a hanging basket.

Featured Plant: Calibrachoa

Just arrived at the Nursery, are the effusive and fun annual, Calibrachoa. Also known as Million Bells, for their many flowers, or Trailing Petunias, for their habit and bloom shape, these stunners are perfect to plant in pots for seasonal arrangements.

Plant of the Month: Azaleas – Add some Vibrant Color to your Yard

Add some Vibrant Color to your Yard Nothing quite says Spring like the intense blooms of Azaleas, whether hot pink, fuchsia, orange, red, white, yellow or purple, you can find one to suit your taste. Plant the same color as a hedge, or weave different colors together...
Native Plant Spotlight: Penstemon heterophyllus (Beardtongue)

Native Plant Spotlight: Penstemon heterophyllus (Beardtongue)

Penstemon heterophyllus is a hardy, long-lived perennial species with abundant, vibrant blooms. It is often found in the northern Sierra Nevada and coastal mountain foothills, which is how it earned the common name of Foothill Penstemon.

Several cultivars like ‘Margarita BOP’, and ‘Blue Springs’ have been developed for strong heat resistance and drought tolerance which makes it an excellent choice for low-water gardens.

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