How to Plant with Pulp Pots

8 Easy Steps

  1. Dig a hole twice as wide and 1.5 times as deep as the size of the pulp pot, setting native soil aside.
  2. Mix the native soil you set aside with planting mix to create your back-fill mixture (one part planting mix to two parts native soil).
  3. Add E.B. Stone Sure Start fertilizer to your back-fill mix at the rate indicated on the bag or box.
  4. Cut slits down the side and bottom of the pulp pot, and trim the top collar down to the soil level in the pot (See Fig. 2).
  5. Place the pulp pot in the hole, making sure the top if the root ball is sitting above the existing soil level to allow for settling (See Fig. 1).
  6. Back-fill the hole with your soil mixture and pack gently to remove air pockets.
  7. Use leftover soil to create a basin around the plant to retain water (See Fig. 1).
  8. Water thoroughly, filling basin.