Plant Guarantee

All of our TREES, SHRUBS, and EVERGREENS are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase when you follow our planting guide. The original receipt is required as proof of purchase.

All houseplants are guaranteed for thirty days from date of purchase if the planting guide provided is followed. The original receipt is required as proof of purchase.

If your plant, tree or shrub dies during the coverage period, we will replace it once with the same or a comparable plant product.

This guarantee does not apply when damage to the tree, plant or shrub is caused by the act of a person, animal or vandalism (e.g. under/overwatering). Annuals and vegetable plants are not covered.

Evergreen Nursery is dedicated to helping our customers succeed at gardening. If there is ever a problem with a plant, bring in pictures and a sample of the affected plant and we will do our best to diagnose and solve the issue.


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