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Houseplant Spotlight: Paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus)


Buy paperwhites at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroOur Paperwhite bulbs can be forced indoors for holiday blooms.

Paperwhites are part of the narcissus family, like daffodils. These beautiful flowers in the dark of Winter are great to lift your spirits and also a great gift idea this season.


Living Christmas Trees

Buy living Christmas trees at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroStart a new holiday tradition by enjoying a Living Christmas tree this year!

We have in stock two varieties, Picea pungens ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ (pictured) and Picea glauca ‘Conica.’

Picea pungens ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ is an evenly branched blue Colorado Spruce. Known for its consistent blue hue, this will look delightful with your winter decorations and in the landscape.

Picea glauca ‘Conica’ is a dense green with small needles on branch ends, it truly has the look of a mini Christmas tree.

Here are a few tips to keep your tree healthy while moving it from indoor to outdoor:

  • When you move your tree indoors make sure the container does not fully dry out.
  • Protect from your pets
  • Avoid temperature extremes, place your tree in a cool location in your home.
  • Do not place near heat vents (This can warm up the tree and make it feel as though Spring has arrived early)
  • When you are ready to plant, give your tree a few days to acclimate to the cooler outdoor temperatures before planting
  • Do not plant during a cold snap
  • Water well upon planting and enjoy for years to come in your landscape


Drought Tolerant Plant for December: Succulents

Buy succulent bowls at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroSucculent arrangements are sure to bring joy this season!

Choose from a potted arrangement we already have in stock or ask our friendly staff to help you create a custom combination.

Succulents prefer well-draining soil and hold water in their foliage, so be careful not to over-water them. They also need bright light, so place them near a sunny window in your home. After the winter season, they can be planted outdoors or re-potted into larger pots.

We also have an excellent selection of pots and containers!


Houseplants make excellent holiday gifts!

Buy Houseplants at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroWe have a new order of houseplants at the nursery, perfect for gifts.

In addition to poinsettias and flowering indoor bulbs, we have an amazing selection of foliage to fill your home.

Philodendron, Rubber Plants, Chinese Evergreen, Anthuriums, Pileas and more!

From tropical foliage to flowering winter bulbs, come and shop our showroom today!


In Your Garden: What to do in December

  • Create beautiful winter entryways by planting cyclamen, pansies, and violas.
  • Spray cut trees, wreaths, and holiday greens with Bonide Wilt Stop or mist with water daily. Keep trees, greens and poinsettias away from hot sunny windows and heat sources. If you’re using poinsettias to decorate outdoors, bring them in out of the cold at night.
  • Frost alert: Water your plants, spray tender plants with Bonide Wilt Stop to prevent wind/freeze burn. Cover with an insulated blanket for further protection. Note: remove frost blankets during the daytime hours.
  • Empty birdbaths to prevent freeze damage.
  • Take advantage of the rain we get this month. If you missed out on fall planting, it’s still a great time to plant perennials, shrubs and trees to get roots established. Developing strong root systems over the winter months will promote lush spring growth.
  • Clean up the garden to avoid over-wintering diseases.
  • Lightly prune any evergreen shrubs to keep pathways clear. Thinning trees can help to prevent storm/wind damage. Roses should have their leaves removed to bring on dormancy and it is easier to see the framework for pruning and spraying.
  • Leave rose flowers so they can form rose hips (‘hip out’). Rake up spent petals and leaves to reduce disease.
  • Sow perennial wildflowers seeds now for instant spring color.
  • Watch cymbidium spikes for snails. Use Sluggo around them if they’re outside. Provide winter protection, otherwise, bring them in.
  • Start planning your Spring Garden.