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We have a variety of bulbs and onion starts for planting right now…

Onions grow well in our climate and are easy to plant and harvest. They are a hardy, cool or cold weather crop, and the fall is the perfect time to plant them. They belong to the Allium family, which is actually called Amaryllidaceae. The genus Allium contains a large number of bulbous herbs which are onion or garlic scented. There are flowering ornamental Alliums too. But if these onions flower, you’ve let them grow too long!

Onions like to be planted in loose, well aerated, and amended soil. Good drainage is essential to growing onions. They can be planted in regular plant beds, but be sure to add plenty of compost, such as GreenAll’s Firmulch Soil Conditioner, to lighten up heavy clay soil. Or plant onions in well-amended raised beds that are at least 8″ high.

Onion Bulbs

Buy Onion Bulbs at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroWe have White Snowball, Yellow Stuttgarter, and Red Karmen for sale. Pick up a mixture to ensure you’ll have the right onions to make all your favorite dishes. Bulbs should be planted in prepared beds at an approximate depth of 1-2 inches. Check your packaging to ensure the correct depth for the species you’re planting.

Dig a trench 2 inches deep and line it with an inch of compost, placing the bulbs pointy end on top. Don’t plant too deeply. The bulbs should be placed 6-8 inches apart, and then covered with an inch of amended soil. Water regularly to keep the soil moisture even.

Onion Starts

Buy Onion Starts at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroWe have a wonderful selection to choose from. Pick some up today before they sell out! Choose from: Red Burger, Walla Walla, Castle, Torpedo Red, and Merlin Yellow.

Onion starts are easy to plant and faster to harvest. Carefully divide the onion sets, teasing the bulbs and roots apart. If they have grown together, the bulbs can be soaked for a short time to make them easier to divide. Place the individual onion starts 2-6 inches apart and plant at a depth of 1 inch. Water and fertilize regularly.


Planting and Care for Onions

  • Plant in full sun. Onions will need 6-8 hours of sunlight a day.
  • Prepare beds by removing rocks and old plant debris.
  • Dig in GreenAll’s Firmulch to amend clay soils, breaking up clods.
  • Add new compost to raised beds and combine with existing soil.
  • Plant 1-2″ deep and space 6-8″ apart for bulbs and 2-6″ for starts.
  • Make sure to water regularly and do not allow soil to dry out.
  • Fertilize every few weeks with a fertilizer high in nitrogen, such as E.B. Stone Organics All Purpose Plant Food.
  • Harvest full sized onions in spring or a little later for onions grown from bulbs.