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Star Jasmine Will Bloom From Spring to Late Summer Providing Fragrance for Your Garden

Star Jasmine is a popular plant choice for Bay Area gardens. It’s a low-maintenance and useful addition to your yard if you want a long-blooming, evergreen vine or shrub with an enticing and powerful but not over-powering fragrance. Trachelospermum jasminoides is not a true Jasmine, but the fragrance and flower shape are very similar to pink jasmine.

Star Jasmine blooms almost continuously from early spring through to late summer. The flowers grow in a profusion of single, white, five-petaled flowers. These contrast beautifully with the handsome dark green, shiny, lance-shaped leaves.

Star Jasmine is very versatile. It can be grown as a vine and trained up a trellis or fence or over an arbor. It can grow up the side of a house up to 20′ high or kept low as a ground cover, trimmed to just a few feet tall. It is successful when planted spilling over retaining walls or in big planters near a doorway. Situate near a patio to enjoy the fragrance. Star Jasmine can also be grown as a shrub but usually performs best when it has a structure to grow on.

Take care when trimming, as the sticky, milky sap can irritate the skin and stain clothing. Wash off sap with soap and water and also clean pruners or shears in mild dish soap to remove the sap.

USDA Zones 5-9.

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Planting and Care for Star Jasmine

  • Plant in full sun or part shade. In hot areas it likes some afternoon shade.
  • Plant in soil with good drainage. Dig in compost to lighten the soil.
  • Fertilize with an organic general purpose fertilizer, such as E.B. Stone Organics Fish Emulsion.
  • Water regularly – a deep watering once a week once established but more regularly initially to encourage root growth.
  • Prune after blooming. It can be pruned back multiple times in one growing season to control size.