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Add some Vibrant Color to your Yard

Nothing quite says Spring like the intense blooms of Azaleas, whether hot pink, fuchsia, orange, red, white, yellow or purple, you can find one to suit your taste. Plant the same color as a hedge, or weave different colors together in your mixed borders. Azaleas are also a good addition to a pollinator garden, as they attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Azaleas are part of the Rhododendron genus, this means that technically their Latin name is Rhododendron, followed by the species (for example occidentale). Azaleas are very similar to Rhododendrons in some ways, they like the same conditions; rich, well-drained, acid soil, and moist conditions. However, Rhododendrons generally tend to have much bigger leaves than Azaleas and are evergreen. Azaleas’ leaf size can vary from a few inches long, to a half an inch or smaller, and they can be evergreen, deciduous, or semi-deciduous.

A good observation to make in the horticultural world, is that very often plants that like the same conditions tend to like look good together. Plant Azaleas in a yard with Camellias, Rhododendrons, Hydrangeas, Pieris, and some conifers, and you’ll have an attractive and cohesive plant palette. Regular applications of bark mulch, will help preserve the moist conditions these plants prefer. Pay attention, however to the exposure different Azalea varieties prefer: Some like the sun and others grow best in the shade.

Buy Azalea White Lace at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroAzalea ‘White Lace’ is an evergreen shrub, with dark green, narrow leaves. Blooms are gorgeously large, white and tubular, with a green throat, which cover the shrub in Spring to early Summer. Grows 3-5′ tall by 3-5′ wide. Prefers filtered sun to full sun and Moderate, even moisture.

Buy Azalea Brilliant at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroAzalea ‘Brilliant’ is a mid-Spring bloomer, with watermelon red flowers contrasting with dark green, evergreen, larger leaves. Growing up to 6-8′ tall and wide, this is a useful plant to use as a hedge or specimen, but also works well in containers. Likes full to part sun and moderate and regular watering.

Buy Azalea Southern Charm at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroAzalea ‘Southern Charm’ is a beautiful, evergreen shrub, with deep green foliage covered with Fuchsia pink blooms in Spring. This larger Azalea can grow up to 6-8′ tall by 5-8′ wide. Good hedge plant. Prefers full sun to part sun, with moderate and regular watering.

Buy Azalea Pink Lace at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroAzalea ‘Pink Lace’ has beautiful, pale pink, open flowers with a pink throat, and light green leaves. They grow 3-5′ tall and wide, useful for edging walkways or planting in pots. Bloom is from late Winter to early Spring. Prefer full sun to part shade, with moderate and regular watering.