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Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’

Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’ is also a cultivar of Cercis canadensis. This weeping tree has flowers and leaves very much like ‘Merlot’. The cascading leaves, with shades of purple and burgundy, make this a wonderful specimen tree for small yards. Plant by a dry creek bed or water feature for good effect. Both trees are great in Mediterranean gardens mixed with grasses, such as Calamagrostis or Stipa species, ground cover Manzanita (Arctostaphylos) or Ceanothus, and perennials such as Penstemon and Sedums. This small tree reaches 6-8′ tall by 5-6′ wide, likes Full sun to part shade exposure and moderate and regular water. Both are deciduous trees, and get shades of yellow and burnt orange Fall color.

Cercis ‘Merlot’

The ‘Merlot’ Redbud, is a great choice for year round interest. In late Winter or early Spring it has magnificent magenta blooms on bare twigs. Attractive big, burgundy, heart-shaped leaves, with a tinge of dark green follow, as blooms fade.

Buy Cercis Merlot at Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro‘Merlot’ is an excellent choice for small gardens, or a small space growing to around 12′ high and 15′ wide. This Cultivar of the eastern redbud, Cercis canadensis is well suited to Bay Area gardens, with a tolerance for drought and heat, as well as adaptable to different kinds of soil. It’s growth habit is upright and vase-shaped. This tree works well in front yards, or compact city gardens, as a specimen, screening or small shade tree. It’s attractive to many types of pollinators, and so a useful addition to a habitat or wildlife garden. Plant in Full sun to part shade, likes regular deep watering. Be careful not to over water in heavy soils, as this could lead to Verticillium wilt.