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Buy Osteospermum Bright Lights Red at Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro
Buy Osteospermum Bright Lights White at Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro

Abundantly Blooming Perennials

Osteospermum, more commonly known as African Daisies, are a great pick for planting in pots, or to brighten up your borders this season. They are a useful evergreen perennial for our climate: In hotter areas they will cease blooming as temperatures rise, but in our cooler microclimates they will bloom for a longer season, through the summer and into Fall.

Available in a multitude of colors, Osteospermum have a profusion of flowers that cover the plant and will happily fill in any gaps in the garden. Their growth is mounding to approximately 12″ (depending upon the variety), and they have long, slim mid-green leaves. They’re ideal for planters, as they prefer to dry out in-between waterings. If planting in the ground make sure to plant them in well-drained soil. For Bay Area clay soils, this means digging in some soil amendment or other amendment, to ensure that the water moves through the soil and doesn’t keep the roots too wet.

Because of their drought tolerance African Daisies work well in Rock, Urban and Mediterranean gardens, mixed with succulents, ground covers and grasses, and drought tolerant trees and shrubs. They can even be used as annuals to make a statement, providing instant color for a special event. Make sure to plant them in full sun, for most successful blooms.

We stock our favorite Cultivars; Osteospermum ‘Berry White’, which has a beautiful rich red-purple center, contrasting with bright white petals, edged with just a tinge of purple. Osteospermum. ‘Sunburst’, has a warm, soft glowing yellow double flower. And Proven Winners Osteospermum. ‘Bright Lights’ we have in stock in white and red, plant together for an eye-catching display! Plants can be cut back at the end of the blooming season to keep them compact. Rabbit and Deer proof!