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Winter & Spring Blooming Garden Favorites

Camellia ‘Kramer’s Supreme’ (featured photo)

Kramer’s Supreme, is a popular Camellia for good reason. It has large, stunning, red, ruffled flowers, contrasting with shiny, dark green foliage. The flowers are delightfully fragrant, blooming January through March. Plant as an informal hedge, as a foundation shrub, or as a specimen in a woodland garden. Fast grower, 8-10′ tall and wide. Prefers shade to part shade. Regular Water.

Camellia ‘Debutante’

Buy Debutante Camellia at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroCamellia ‘Debutante’ is a good pick for the milder Bay Area climate. The intricate display of large, folded pale pink rosettes, are displayed in Fall and Winter. Perfect as a foundation plant next to a door or window, or in a mixed, dappled border. Grows 6-8′ tall and wide. Full shade to filtered shade. Regular water. USDA Zones: 8-10.

Camellia ‘Kumasaka’

Buy Kumasaka Camellia at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroThis beauty is one of the oldest Camellias from Japan. The flowers are a deep pink color, with double petals. Try mixing with yellow or white Camellias for a beautiful contrast. ‘Kumasaka’ has an upright growth habit, which is compact, 8-10′ tall by 4-8′ wide. Late Spring bloom. Regular water. Cold Hardy.





Caring for Camellias

Camellias are very useful shrubs and trees for Bay Area gardens. They help to provide that all important, evergreen structure in a yard. When not in bloom, the attractive, glossy foliage provides a backdrop for later season bloomers. Camellias prefer shade or part shade. In foggy areas, some species will tolerate sunnier exposures. Camellias prefer sheltered locations and love rich, heavily amended soils with good drainage.

Their preferred soil pH is Acidic, 5-6.5.

Tip:If you see yellowing leaves on your Camellia, the soil may not be acidic enough for the nutrients in the soil to become available to plants. Try digging in some soil amendment and Fertilize with Azalea, Camellia & Gardenia Food to green-up those leaves.


Don’t Forget, for Best Results: Plant with E.B. Stone Acid Fertilizer and Soil Amendment

Buy Azalea, Camellia & Gardenia Food at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroBuy EB Stone Azalea, Camellia, Gardenia Planting Mix at Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro