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Brighten Your Garden with Striking Foliage Color

Loropetalum is a popular, evergreen shrub in Bay Area gardens, for good reason. The Chinese Fringe Flower works great as a colorful foundation shrub, contrasting with green and chartreuse foliage. ‘Purple Majesty’, as its name suggests, has attractive deep purple leaves, which start out as a brighter burgundy, when the leaves first emerge. Bright, fuchsia-colored, open flowers bloom in Spring. The shrub has a graceful branching structure, and is easy to shape as it matures. Loropetalum ‘Purple Majesty’ grows up to 6-8′ tall, with a width of 4-6′. It likes full sun to part shade, and has moderate water needs.

Companion Plants for a Colorful Border

Loropetalum ‘Purple Majesty’ can be planted with deep, green-foliaged Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) and bright, yellow ‘Fresh Breath of Heaven’ (Coleonema pulchellum), accompanied by stunning blue Lithodora ‘Grace Ward’ ground cover.

Don’t Forget: Plant with Fertilizer and Soil Amendment for Best Results

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