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Drought Tolerant Pick: Lomandra ‘Highlight Olive Green’ & ‘Lime Tuff’

Lomandra ‘Highlight Olive Green’, is a reliably easy plant to grow in the Bay Area. This tough Australian native grows well in our Mediterranean climate, surviving temperatures down to 15 deg. F. Lomandra ‘Olive Green’ thrives in sun or shade, and water needs range from regular to infrequent, once established. The leaves have an attractive olive green, clean, and shiny appearance. These grasses grow up to 1-2′ tall, by 2-3′ wide.

Lomandra Lime ‘Tuft’ (Lomandra hybrida ‘Lomlon’), is a brighter-colored, more upright variety, reaching 2-3′ tall and wide. This grass thrives in full sun to partial sun.

Lomandra can be mass planted or used effectively in a mixed border, parking strip, or an eye-catching planter, mixed with Bacopa, Verbena or Ceanothus. These grasses are a must for low maintenance gardens, as they rarely need a ‘clean up’ like many other grasses, remaining evergreen throughout the year.

Both are hardy in USDA Zones 8-11.