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Houseplant Spotlight: Dracaena ‘White Stripe’ and Dracaena marginata

Also known as Dragon plants, these easy to care for house plants will brighten up you living space.

Dracaena ‘White Stripe’, with its striking sword-shaped leaves, needs little attention to look good. It thrives in low light, and is effective in removing toxins from the air. It prefers a pH 6-6.5 and a nutrient rich soil. Allow the soil to dry out slightly in between watering.

Buy Dracaena marginata at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroDracaena marginata has delicately striped pink, white, and green spiky leaves, which effectively light up a room. Place in a location with medium light, and water with room temperature water, allowing to dry out in between waterings.

Place Dracaenas on a table to keep away from dogs and cats (whom they can be toxic to). Not toxic to humans.