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It’s time to plant Summer bulbs: An easy way to add color to your garden

We know you’ve been waiting for them, and we have some beautiful varieties this year.

Dahlia Queen of Hearts

Buy Queen of Hearts Dahlias at Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro

This regal blend of bulbs features, beautiful scarlet flowers, frosted with white tips, mixed with all-white flowers. An eye-catching combination of blooms to add to your mixed perennial border. Bloom from Mid-Summer thru Fall. Full Sun.

Hot to Trot Gladiolus

Buy Hot to Trot Gladiolas at Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro

‘Hot to Trot’ is a wonderful mix of colorful Gladiolus, with tall spikes of flowers. These are certain to brighten up your flower borders and make a wonderful cut flower. Full Sun.

Captain Lovely Calla Lily

Buy Captain Lovely Calla Lilies at Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro

These sophisticated beauties, are a variation on the classic Bay Area favorite flower. Deep Purple/Mauve flowers appear in Late Spring amidst deep, green foliage, blooming all the way thru Mid-Summer. Use in planters next to entryways, or adding interest to patios. Full-partial Sun.

Begonia Picotee Petticoat

Buy Picotee Petticoat Begonias at Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro

These eye-catching beauties, have large, semi to double flowers, up to 4″ wide. White petticoat flowers, are fringed with a rose edge. This variety is heat tolerant, and has a long, summer bloom time. Filtered Shade.


  1. Dig a hole the depth indicated on the package (depth for species vary)
  2. Place a bulb in the hole roots down, pointy end up
  3. Fill hole with soil mixed with soil amendment and bulb fertilizer
  4. Water well to ensure bulbs flourish


Don’t Forget: Essential fertilizer and soil for planting bulbs

Buy Bulb Food at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroGreenAll Natural & Organic Potting Soil