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Buy seed potatoes at Evergreen Nursery

Plant your homegrown potatoes now!

Homegrown potatoes taste so much better than store-bought and, of course, are much cheaper and much healthier. What’s not to love about them?

Our seed potatoes have now arrived in store, so now’s the time to buy and plant, before they sell out. We have three varieties to choose from this year:

  • Alegria, a high yielding and early maturing yellow potato which is suited to long storage. Ideal for boiling or frying, or in soups
  • Red La Soda, a high yielding variety with white flesh and red skin. Also great for boiling or frying and in soups
  • Sifra, a late maturing and high yielding white variety with great tasting creamy texture. This variety is ideal for boiling or in salads and soups.

Buy yellow alegria potatoes at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroBuy red la soda potatoes at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroBuy white sifra potatoes at Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro



Buy potato tubs at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroPotatoes are easy to grow in containers.

Don’t forget Organic Fertilizer and soil.

Grow your spuds in a Gardman Potato Tub.

In the landscape amend your soil with Mushroom Compost or Organic Compost.