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Cuphea are easy to grow and care for. These flowering plants bloom effortlessly from late spring through fall. They love heat and full sun. If left unmaintained they will become woody in the interior of the plant, so shearing is recommended, similar to lavender and rosemary. Cupheas mature at 3-4 feet tall and wide, but with shearing can be kept tidy and compact. Cuphea have small shiny leaves and a mounding habit. You can use them in containers, flower beds, and borders. Their flowers come in warm colors and vary from a more open type to a cylindrical shape. They are a favorite nectar source for pollinators, especially hummingbirds. These are wonderful plants for your pollinator garden.

We have two varieties in stock now:

Buy cuphea at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroCuphea hyssopifolia ‘Lavender Lace’

Cuphea ‘Lavender Lace’ has masses of medium-purple flowers that rebloom consistently about 8 months of the year. The common name is Mexican Heather, named for its love of the sun!

Buy Kristins Delight cuphea at Evergreen Nursery in San LeandroCuphea x ‘Kristin’s Delight’ 

Commonly called Pink Cigar Plant, this variety has cylindrical pink flowers, with charming details. The flowers are so unique and look like they have tiny wings.

Both varieties are wonderful for fall containers and hardy in USDA Zones 9-11.

Hummingbirds enjoy these blooming beauties!