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Excellence in Waste Prevention & Closing the Loop

StopWaste 2017 Business Efficiency Award Winner Evergreen Nursery San Leandro


The StopWaste Business Efficiency Awards recognize businesses for their efforts to reduce waste to landfill, through waste prevention, recycling and composting.

The 2017 Business Efficiency Awards were presented on Wednesday, March 22nd at the Alameda County Waste Management Authority Board meeting, 1537 Webster Street, Oakland.

The winners—five companies from around Alameda County—represent a wide range of industries and were selected for their leadership in waste prevention, recycling, and composting.

StopWaste Executive Director Wendy Sommer praised the award winners for their achievements. “I am truly excited to share the success stories of the 2017 awardees, because they model some of the guiding principles our Board recently established,” Sommer said.

StopWaste 2017 Business Efficiency Award Winner Evergreen Nursery San Leandro

Evergreen Nursery, Inc. in San Leandro is a local, independent nursery and garden center with professional landscape and design services.


Operating since 1984, Evergreen has been an active and engaged partner of StopWaste for almost ten years, promoting projects ranging from Bay-Friendly Gardening to Lawn to Garden parties.


An early adopter and promoter of natural and organic gardening techniques, Evergreen hosts frequent talks and workshops on techniques like sheet mulching, and carries an extensive line of drought tolerant and native plants.


In just two years, Evergreen sold compost and recycled mulch that led to over 19,000 square feet of lawn replacement.


Although recycling has been mandatory for many businesses and institutions in Alameda County since 2012, proactive and innovative efficiency measures are important. “Laws only get you so far. It is businesses like the ones we are celebrating today that give us an edge by going beyond requirements in their daily operations,” Sommer stated.


StopWaste 2017-Awardees

The award categories and winners are:

  • Excellence in Recycling & Composting: Rahma Mediterranean Market (Dublin)
  • Excellence in Recycling & Composting: Beneficial State Bank (Oakland)
  • Excellence in Waste Prevention & Closing the Loop: Evergreen Nursery, Inc. (San Leandro)
  • Excellence in Waste Prevention & Reuse: Niles Pie Company (Union City)
  • Excellence in Reducing Wasted Food in Alameda County: Guckenheimer (all sites in Alameda County)

More information about each awardee’s achievements is available at www.StopWaste.org/2017Awards.