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Tecoma (Esperanza) is commonly known as trumpet flower or trumpetbush. The generic name is derived from the Aztec word tecomaxochitl, a descriptor of plants with tubular flowers. Tecoma hybrids find versatile use in many present-day California gardens. The showy blossoms attract hummingbirds from spring to fall, yet plants require little water and have high tolerance for heat.


Tecoma hybrid solar flare orange trumpetflower


Tecoma is a multi-stemmed, evergreen ornamental shrub with a tropical look. Growth habit is upright and spreading, with mature plants ranging from 4-8 feet in width and height, depending on the species. Canopy is low, with clearance about 12 inches from the ground.

Masses of flowers are produced from mid-spring to mid-fall. Common shades are yellow, peach, and orange, though Mountain States Nursery has recently produced a red-flowering variety, Crimson Flare®.


Leavestecoma hybrid crimson flare

Oblong, toothed leaves are arranged in pairs on slender stalks. The shrub’s bright foliage remains evergreen throughout the year.



Tecoma’s trumpet-shaped flowers are produced in clusters at the ends of its branches. Their tubular shape is a natural draw for pollinators and hummingbirds. Five lobes surround the flower opening, showing off additional streaks of color.



 Tecoma Hybrid Solar Flare® Esperanza (Orange Bells, Orange Trumpet Flower, Cahauto)

This hybrid variety from Mountain States Nursery produces bright tangerine flowers from scarlet flower buds. Adding to the colorful display is a striking reddish flare along the stems.

tecoma hybrid solar flare orange bells trumpet flower blossoms

Tecoma Hybrid Crimson Flare® Esperanza (New!)

This new cultivar from Mountain States Nursery is the result of years of breeding to produce a red hue. However, flowers may bleach to  pink in the heat of summer.

Tecoma Hybrid Crimson Flare red blossoms

Soil and Water Requirements

This heat-loving plant performs well in full sun and reflected heat locations. Needs moderate to low water — an excellent choice for water-conscious gardeners.



Pruning is simple. In late winter, after the threat of severe cold has passed, cut plants back hard. The shrubs will rejuvenate in early spring. If you’re unsure about pruning technique, come by the nursery for tips or schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our professionals to help.



Tecoma Plant Features and UsesTecoma Hybrid Solar Flare

  • Showy flowers
  • Versatile use: accent, mass planting, container plantings
  • Rapid growth
  • High heat resistance
  • Low water
  • Attracts hummingbirds
  • Attracts bees, butterflies
  • Unattractive to deer
  • Disease resistant



Tecoma varieties make a beautiful addition to any native garden. Visit the nursery and we will personally assist you in choosing your plants, or use the Plant Finder here on our web site to browse our selection before you arrive.