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Herbs are great candidates for container gardening; easy to maintain and pretty to look at. An additional benefit of creating an herb garden is the sweet or savory way they perfume the air around them. Plant near an outdoor seating area or kitchen window and enjoy a trio of benefits: beauty to the eye, fragrance to the nose, and flavor to your cooking.  Here are a few of our favorite herbs:

Decorative edible herbs: flat-leaf and curly parsley
Quick facts: Parsley is sun loving, drought tolerant, and nutrient rich, with more vitamin C than an orange! Performs well as a companion plant to asparagus, tomatoes, corn, and even roses. Curly-leaf parsley is particularly pretty and adds bright flavor to a wide variety of cuisines.


Blue flowering rosemary herbs
Rosemary (upright or trailing)
Quick facts: Low-maintenance is the name of the game for this savory evergreen favorite. These herbs need little to no care and flourish despite drought, heat, wind, and salt spray. Trailing varieties are especially pretty when arranged in window boxes or cascading down a rock wall. Rosemary is delicious fresh or dried for use in lamb, poultry, or vegetable dishes.


Purple flower herbs: sage
Quick facts: Like rosemary, this perennial herb is a surefire win as a low-maintenance container planting that’s beautiful as well as delicious. Velvety gray-green foliage is deer resistant, drought tolerant, fast-growing, and highly flavorful. Burnt sage acts as a natural air purifier to remove lingering odors like cooked fish or cigarette smoke. Flowers in shades of pink, blue, and white.


herbs for container gardens: lemon balm collage
Lemon Balm

Quick facts: Lemon balm grows quickly and produces abundant, lemon-scented foliage and white nectar-filled flowers, attractive to honeybees. Uses are culinary as well as cosmetic and medicinal; add finely chopped leaves to baked goods, steep whole leaves as a complement to peppermint tea, or use crushed leaves to provide relief from itching bug bites.


Herb: lemon verbena
Lemon Verbena
Quick facts: Lemon Verbena is a delight to the senses, highly fragrant and well-suited to planting near outdoor living spaces. Differs in taste from other lemon-based plants with a light, perfume-like flavor. Delicious as a fresh accompaniment to summer salads, fish, and vegetable dishes.


herbs for container gardening: flowering thyme
Quick facts: Sun loving and drought tolerant,  thyme flourishes as a companion plant to rosemary, eggplant, strawberries, and tomatoes. Valued for delicate flavor and antioxidant properties; often paired with fresh parsley and bay leaves as the French herb combination, ‘bouquet garni’, for cooking stock, soups, and stews. Lemon thyme is a particular favorite for citrus lovers.

Have we made you hungry yet? Come down to the nursery to get everything you’ll need for an easy, tasty edible herb garden. View Map/Directions