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Gardening Christmas gifts


It’s pretty special to have someone take your interests and passions into account when choosing you a gift. It’s no different for gardeners, who tend toward the passionate side anyway. Here are some great gifts for gardeners – and non-gardeners too!


Practical Use

Bloom assorted gardening tools - great gifts for gardenersIdeas range from shovels, ladders and wheelbarrows – you’d be amazed how few young couples have one – to striking works of art with the great outdoors for a gallery. Gifts like these are gratitude generators throughout the year.


When it’s time to get to work, a quality pair of pruners or garden shears are worth their weight in gold, as are good hoses, spray nozzles and wands. Check out our selection of water-saving sprinklers, too.


Further relief comes in the form of ergonomic models of large and small garden tools. They save wear and tear on your joints and help those with arthritis keep doing what they love.


Artful Offerings

floating orb terrarium gift ideaBeauty is always a welcome gift, and we’ve constantly got new things coming in; among our latest arrivals are Cohasset’s one-of-a-kind driftwood and hand-blown glass terrariums.


Talavera pottery is unique, colorful and guaranteed to enhance the beauty and add life to any interior. Introduced in Mexico in the early 17th century and is still made as it was then. Today, only pieces made by designated areas and from workshops that have been certified are permitted to call their work Talavera.



For Viewing Pleasure

Dundee marble blue pottery gift ideaGardening books are something gardeners pore over next to the fireplace on chilly winter nights. By day, an active bird feeder provides hours of entertainment and important sustenance for these feathery friends.


Large ceramic pots and other garden art, benches and pergolas are among those things considered garden ‘bones’; those things that remain beautiful even after the leaves fall. Look for inspiration in our pottery section.


The Gift of Time

If your friend’s garden is getting away from her, consider arranging for our landscape department to tidy things up for the winter. What about a landscape redesign gift? Have us develop a low-maintenance plan that includes lots of native and other drought-tolerant plants.


For an even more hands-on approach, shower your gardening friends and family with seeds or bombard them with bulbs–and include a date for you to come help get things in the ground.


Gift Plants for Outdoors and In

Bare root plants are arriving soon, including fruiting trees and bushes and Weeks ‘Tops in Pots’ Roses.

Joseph's Coat RoseHouseplants are a gift that often come as a delightful surprise and we have a great choice of plants and attractive pots, from African violet-small to large vessels for indoor palms that make a statement in a home.




Make a Date

Turn your Christmas gift into an invitation for more fun in the New Year: put together a custom gift basket (or pail) for your friend with an Evergreen Nursery gift card. Plan to make a day of it, with brunch, a gardening class, and a leisurely trip through the nursery.


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