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“One generation plants a tree; the next enjoys its shade.”
~ African proverb

landscape trees, catalpa treeWhere you plant is every bit as important as what you plant – all the more so when investing in trees.
In addition to their beauty, landscape trees protect us by providing shade and privacy, buffering wind and noise, reducing heating and cooling costs, providing food for wildlife and people – all while cleaning the air. Our part is to choose wisely and place correctly. There are aesthetic as well as practical considerations; this month we look at the former.

Easy Does It
We’re not Mother Nature, but we do have some choice as to what populates our surroundings. Researching the many sizes, shapes and colors of trees available, you can put together a harmonic backdrop for your home. The knowledgeable staff at Evergreen Nursery in San Leandro will advise you on your project and the nursery’s complete landscape and design services will make it reality.

A driveway flanked by two elegant rows of trees makes for an impressive entrance; a cluster of dainty white birches in the middle of a circular drive creates a dramatic ‘centerpiece.’ The right tree in an island of shrubs, rocks, pavers or flowers transforms an otherwise awkward patch of land, or you can set the stage for an impressive specimen tree.
Spectacular trees that provide year-round interest should be placed where they can be enjoyed no matter the weather.

Breathing Room
When you want instant impact – and who doesn’t – it’s difficult to plant young trees as far apart as their mature state will require, even when it’s written in black and white (always read plant tags!). Time passes swiftly and in 15-20 years you could be looking at extensive tree pruning, replacement and/or removal to free up the space needed by their neighboring trees. If that’s your current situation, call on Evergreen’s expert landscape maintenance department to get your landscape back into proportion swiftly and expertly.

Fortunately, most trees begin making some sort of impact within a year or two. There are landscape trees for every yard size, including dwarf varieties for a big splash in small spaces or singly as potted specimens. If you’re looking for low maintenance, start by searching Evergreen’s extensive data base of native plants and trees that have had their roots in our back yard for untold generations.