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As our drought continues, we have some quick and easy tips for keeping your garden beautiful without wasting water:

  • Keep it clean without water: Use a blower or broom to keep driveways and sidewalks clean and clear.
  • Stop those leaks: Check your hose at every connection to make sure everything is screwed in tightly and not wasting precious water.
  • Water before 10 am: Reduce evaporation and prevent leaf burn by watering early in the morning. The earlier, the better!
  • Keep it to the Roots: Whether you are hand-watering or using irrigation, try to keep water levels low to the ground so water hits the soil and roots and not much else.
  • Water Twice a Week: We recommend watering no more than twice a week for lawns and established plants. The key is to water deeply each time.

For more information and tips on Drought-tolerant and Water-wise Gardening, please click here.