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Our governor has officially placed mandatory water restrictions on California residents. With our snow pack and rainfall remaining low, it’s time now more than ever to embrace drought-tolerant gardening practices! We are here to help you with this process. We believe it is still possible to have a thriving beautiful yard while still conserving water. Evergreen has a wide selection of drought-tolerant and native plants as well as water-saving tools to help you get on the path to water-wise gardening!

We have already addressed a lot of basics of water-wise gardening on our blog. Feel free to peruse the Drought Tolerant Gardening section for more insight. This month, we wanted to highlight a few more advanced techniques to conserve water and keep your yard beautiful.

Watering: Governor Brown has mandated that we all reduce our water consumption by 25% and for good reason! We all can do our part to save water and we have some ideas for you! We recommend letting your lawn go brown this summer- or replacing it entirely. We strongly suggest that, when you water, you do it less often but deeper/longer. This is better for plant roots and will save water overall. Shallow watering is wasteful watering. Be sure and water right at the soil line for best effect. And don’t forget the time of day! Early mornings or evenings are the best times to water. We can help our state while still having enjoyable landscapes.

Irrigation: A modern sprinkler system is a must-have for larger yards with multiple plants. Sprinkler systems have come a long way and offer much more than just timers. They can be rain and heat-responsive so that they do not come on during the heat of the day or while it’s raining. They can water different areas at different times, depending on what plants need. This technology is an investment but ultimately saves lots of water and money. The Evergreen Landscaping team can install and repair these complex systems. Contact us to learn more.

*NOTE! Sprinkler systems should be low to the ground, ideally dripping water onto the soil and NOT spraying it into the air! Don’t waste a drop!

Design: In addition to aesthetics, practicality and function are a big part of landscape design. Before adding new plants, most people take into account how big plants will get, how close they are to the house, where they will cast shade, etc. We suggest taking this one step further by grouping plants by watering need. It is possible to make your landscape beautiful while still grouping like plants together. Those that need very little water can be paired together while high needs plants can be in a separate section. This concept goes hand in hand with smart irrigation. Our landscaping team can consult with you to make your design ideas a reality.

Mulch: We’ve talked about this before but it bears repeating! Save time, water and money by mulching your planting beds. Don’t leave any bare soil exposed! Mulch delays evaporation, insulates plant roots and suppresses weeds. And it looks beautiful! What’s not to love? We sell mulch in bulk and in bags.

Do you have additional questions? Contact us or come visit the nursery!