native & drought-tolerant plant finder

Lilium corralitos hybrid

Native & Drought-tolerant Plant Finder makes it easy!

Our most popular plants for beauty and water conservation may be found via our Native & Drought-tolerant Plant Finder. This unique feature is available at both the nursery and online. Just enter your preferences to receive recommendations for the best plants for your situation.

We’re proud of our extensive collection of very special plants and trees, including:

  • California native plants and trees
  • Western native plants and trees
  • Desert plants and trees
  • Drought-tolerant plants and trees
  • Various succulents and cacti

Native and drought-tolerant plants increase the beauty and depth of your landscape while saving water and preserving native California plants. On the other hand, traditional lawns guzzle water.

So give our Native & Drought-tolerant Plant Finder a try or, better yet, come in today for personal service and expert advice on why you should consider doing away with a traditional lawn and your options for converting the area. Our Bay-friendly staff is always available to answer your questions and discuss your plant needs.

Evergreen Nursery also offers expert landscape design and maintenance services. We can help you design an all-native landscape or special areas that highlight these precious plants. We can carry out nearly anything you can dream up!