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Saving water is always a good idea and it is especially important as the Bay Area and most of California is headed into yet another drought year. As you prepare your garden and alter your landscape, let water-saving be your focus as you create beauty with plants. We have a series of articles about gardening in a drought that you can read by clicking here. Here are some common ideas we recommend:


Solanum xanti “Mountain-Pride”

Replace your Lawn

Lawns are thirsty, high-maintenance landscape fixtures that often go unused. If your lawn is just for show, consider replacing it with gorgeous water-wise landscape plantings and perhaps a pathway or rock garden. The landscape professionals at Evergreen are experts in this process. Contact us today to replace your lawn with something better!

Prepare your Soil

Rich soil with lots of organic matter will help hold in moisture and nutrients. Adding lots of compost helps your plants survive and thrive on less water. Add a thick layer of mulch over the top to insulate roots and prevent evaporation. Use organic, low-nitrogen fertilizer which has a lower risk of burning plants and it does not cause an immediate boom in growth that requires increased water usage. We carry EB Stone Ultra Bloom 0-10-10, which is perfect for organic gardening.

Water Wisely

Of course, most of you already know to only water at night or first thing in the morning. We also recommend using drip irrigation and hand-watering techniques that allow you to only put the water on the soil around the plants that need it. Group plants with similar water requirements together so you can get on a schedule of only watering plants when they need it. Consider getting an irrigation system and a smart timer- they will do wonders for your water bill!


Click here for more tips and information on Gardening in a Drought.