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winter pruning


The time is here!  If you have not yet pruned your fruit trees and vines, it is time to get to work.  Winter pruning is vital for the tree’s overall health.  It helps keep the shape and size of the tree appropriate as well as helps the tree set fruit for the coming year.  Winter pruning needs to be done before the tree comes out of dormancy so January is the right month to get this chore done.


If you want to take care of this yourself, start with good sharp tools and as much knowledge as you can get.  Take a step back to assess where the tree is headed and how you can guide it into the shape you want.


Generally, you want branches that go diagonally out from the main trunk(s) rather than straight up or out. Make sure branches have room to breathe and grow. The tree needs to have enough space between branches for good circulation and light distribution.


Pay attention to where fruit sets on your trees as well.  You want to make sure to encourage fruit production with every cut.


You can get hands-on support and learn more at one of our seasonal Pruning Workshops. Paul Loberg, our Chief Horticulturalist, will demonstrate how best to prune fruit trees and citrus trees for shape and maximum fruiting.


Evergreen Nursery also provides a tree pruning service, if DIY is not an option for you.  Our tree experts will come to your home and prune each tree according to what it needs.  We always do a thorough job and clean up completely when we are done.  To take advantage of this service, please contact us today at (510) 632-1522 to speak with one our experts and schedule an appointment.  Ask for Paul or Doug!