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We have some wonderful blueberry plants coming into the nursery so we wanted to offer a few tips and tricks for growing them at home.  Blueberry bushes are a delightful addition to the home garden.  They make a lovely landscape shrub, with the foliage on most varieties turning lovely shades of red in autumn.  And of course the berries!  What fun it is to walk out into the yard on a summer morning to gather blueberries for your breakfast!

Blueberry plants are fairly easy to grow.  They prefer full sun and slightly acidic soil.  They grow best when they have a few feet space between each bush but they also grow well together.  In fact, even though blueberries have complete flowers, most varieties need other blueberry plants in order to have a productive harvest.  Cross-pollination between plants is the best way to ensure a good crop.  So we recommend planting every blueberry plant with a buddy.

This just might be the perfect plant in many ways.  Not only is it an attractive shrub with beautiful flowers, it also makes delicious fruit that are incredibly good for you!  Blueberries have some of the highest antioxidant content of any fruit.  Their nutritional value is sky-high so you can feel good about eating these by the handful each summer.  And what better way than in your own backyard?

Be sure mark your calendars for our upcoming Blueberry Workshop, January 17th at 1pm: this Workshop will focus on the planting and care of Blueberry bushes.   Our Chief Horticulturalist, Paul Loberg, will provide all the tips and tricks needed to ensure strong bushes and good fruit.  There will be plenty of time set aside at the end for questions.