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Make the yuletide bright with living decorations this year! Evergreen has a lovely assortment of holiday plants to help decorate your house this season. Come by to pick up all of your favorites, including holly, poinsettias, amaryllis, paperwhites, evergreens, and more.

Here are a few of our favorite holiday plants with a little advice on how to take care of them:


Holiday Plants - Poinsettia


We have plenty of large, healthy poinsettias in stock, fresh from the farm. We have multiple sizes and quite the assortment of colors to choose from–a lot more than your average Safeway! Choose from Red, White, Jingle Bell, Pink, Burgundy and Peppermint.

While they work great as centerpieces, we recommend that your poinsettia spend most of its time in a sunny window. They are tropical plants that like warm to mild temperatures and lots of light.

It’s important to water your poinsettia only when the soil feels dry. Give it a thorough soak each time, but make sure it’s drying out completely between waterings. If you’d like to keep your poinsettia after the holiday season, you can extend its bloom time by putting it in a cooler place at night and by applying a liquid houseplant fertilizer. You can also move it outdoors where it will revert to it’s natural blooming schedule next year – putting on a colorful show midsummer.


Holiday plants - potted Meyer lemon tree


Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons can be grown indoors in pots during the winter. They also do quite well outdoors the rest of the year. These pretty members of the citrus family look great in a corner of the living room or dining area. A gentle lemon scent adds brightness to their location inside your home.

This plant needs well-drained soil and frequent watering; the soil should only dry slightly in between. They do well with high nitrogen fertilizer and a healthy pruning to increase fruit production. Prune the lemon fruit clusters to one or two fruits per cluster to allow for full development of large fruit.