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Water Conservation

As the drought continues in the Bay Area and around most of California, we will continue to be your resource for drought-tolerant gardening. From water-wise tips to drought-tolerant and native plants, we can help you maintain a gorgeous landscape without running up your water bill. To see our full list of articles on this topic, please click here.

Here are a few more tips to take you into the fall and winter:

Mulch! Continue to add mulch to your planting beds and vegetable gardens. This will help to insulate them throughout the winter as well as lock in moisture. We have mulch in bags and in bulk at the Evergreen Nursery. Learn more about the benefits of mulching here.

Save your Rain! Consider installing rain barrels to your drain spouts to conserve whatever amount of rainfall and runoff you do get in your landscape. This greywater can be used to give any of your landscape plants a healthy drink.

Plant California Natives. Native plants are well-adapted to dry climates and sunny days. Come to the Evergreen Nursery to see our extensive and gorgeous collection of natives. Fall is a great time to get these beauties in the ground. You can conserve water in your garden without sacrificing interest and style!

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