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Fall clean up

The fall garden is a messy garden, isn’t it? November is the right month to get it all cleaned-up for winter. It’s time to put many plants to bed and to get things looking neat and trim for the holidays.

Leaves: Keep up on them! Rake them a few times throughout the season to prevent matting and attracting slugs. You can use them as mulch, in some cases, or add them to your compost pile.

Perennials: It’s time to cut back spent perennials for their winter rest. Remove all dead plant material to help them stay healthy and to keep your garden tidy. Now is the time to divide and replant them, as well.

Trees and shrubs: It’s not quite time for heavy pruning. But it is a good idea to look around for any dead or damaged branches that might come down in a storm. Trim back any obviously dead or dangerous plant material.

When you have the garden all cleaned up, you can relax and enjoy a tidy garden for the winter!