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Cover crop clover

Plant a cover crop to preserve and build your soil this winter! Cover crops are non-edible plants that many farmers and gardeners plant during the off season. Cover crops keep the weeds out of your garden and prevent soil erosion during any wind or rain storms.

They have the added benefit of building your soil as they grow! Many cover crops are legumes (peas, clover, vetch, etc.) and will fix nitrogen into your soil over the winter. All cover crops can add organic matter back into your soil if you let them decompose into your beds in early spring. However, if you need to plant in the same beds in the spring, you can just add your spent cover crop into your compost bin to build your soil later.

To plant a cover crop, sow the seeds closely together over the entire area that you want to plant. Water well and then leave it alone. It’s that easy! Come to Evergreen Nursery to pick up your favorite cover crops for the winter.