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Fruit Tree Pruning

We are moving into the dormant season for all shrubs and trees, including fruit trees. Be sure to plan ahead to get your trees taken care of this winter.

Most deciduous and fruiting trees will benefit from an application of dormant spray in the fall. This prevents overwintering insects and diseases from infesting your trees during the winter. Prevention goes a long way toward keeping your trees healthy and strong!

We are moving towards pruning season, as well. Dormancy is the best time to prune your trees and shrubs. Pruning helps improve overall shape and size of your plants. It also helps increase their strength and vigor for the coming year. Fruit tree pruning is especially important to encourage the proper fruit setting in abundant and reachable places.

Learn more about Fruit Tree Pruning during our FREE Workshop at the Evergreen Nursery! See our Events page for current listings.