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We’ve been compiling many articles for you on drought-tolerant gardening, water-wise gardening and other similar topics. You can read them all on our blog. Here are a few more tips, related to your irrigation and sprinkler systems. It’s time to get specific and precise to make sure your plants get the water they need- without wasting a drop!

water saving tips

Today’s tips come straight from EBMUD (East Bay Municipal Utility District):

  • Make sure that your plants get all the water- and not your pavement. Consider converting any spray irrigation or sprinklers to drip lines and drip irrigation. This way, your plants will get all the water
  • Spray systems are prone to uneven watering and water waste. Try converting to high-efficiency rotator nozzles to use 30 % less water and get a more even coverage on your lawn and yard.
  • Use smart controllers on your irrigation system. This goes way beyond conventional timer systems. Smart controllers have sensors that adjust for the weather and surrounding conditions to make sure plants only get water when they need it.
  • Does your irrigation system tend to break and deliver a fine mist? High water pressure is likely the culprit. Install a pressure regulator so irrigation spray lands on plants and not everywhere else. You can reduce water use as much as 20%!

Want more ideas? Visit www.ebmud.com/watersmart and click on WaterSmart tips. Evergreen Nursery is partnering with EBMUD by tagging “Water Smart “ plants. Please look for signs and examples of the tags during your next visit!