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Make sure to take care of your landscape as fall kicks into high gear this month! It is important to keep on top of the usual chores as well as making sure plants are taken care of before winter. Here are a few tips to help you in the garden this fall:

fall clean-up

  • Stay on top of clean up. Don’t wait until just before Thanksgiving to tend to your yard. Do a few small clean-ups throughout the season to keep leaves from building up in your gutters, lawn and storm drains. This helps keep things from getting backed up and creating more work for you. Be sure to remove spent flower heads and perennials as well as leaves, debris and any dead branches.


  • Fertilize in Fall for Spring Blooms! Many plants will do well with a dose of fertilizer this month. This allows for better health throughout the winter months as well as setting them up for success in the spring. The result is better spring blooms and overall production. Fertilize all your perennials as well as flowering shrubs like camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons. All types of fruit trees can benefit from fertilizer as they move into their dormant season. Citrus will benefit as well. We recommend applying 0-10-10 fertilizer. We carry many different types here at the nursery including organic brands.


  • Get rid of those weeds! We know that weeds are unsightly and can be a pest. But they also take away precious water from your landscape plants! Even small weeds that don’t seem like a threat to trees and shrubs can drink up the water that is intended for them. With water being scarce and expensive, it’s good to conserve in every way possible.