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fall container color

Heuchera aka Coral Bells

Containers can be a wonderful way to extend the gardening season. You can place pots and containers close to your home so you can enjoy them more when you are indoors. We recommend planting colorful, hardy plants at this time of year. There are many specimens that will look great and last the bulk of the winter. Evergreen Nursery has a full selection of fall annuals, perennials and shrubs that would look great in your containers this month.

  • Try pairing plants that have warm earth tones, like gold and bronze, with purples and dark blues.
  • Many grasses look great in containers. Try the striking Black Mondo Grass!
  • Heucheras of all colors and patterns look amazing in containers and grow well in autumn.
  • Try planting shrubs that have persistent berries, like Beauty Berry.
  • You can pair hearty herbs, like rosemary and sage, with grasses and flowers.
  • Consider having a tall, showy focal plant in the center with beautiful smaller plants to fill in around it.

We have many options here at the Evergreen Nursery! Come see us to get everything you need to plant your fall containers:

  • Pottery and ceramics
  • Potting soil and compost
  • An amazing selection of plants!

See you soon!