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With drought conditions continuing and summer watering in full swing, we know you want to keep plants healthy without dreading that bill every month. It is possible to keep your lawn looking green and your garden thriving without breaking the bank! Here are a few tips:

Reduce your lawn irrigation: You can have a green, healthy lawn and save money at the same time! Water your lawn just once a week, and always in the evening, to maximize the benefit while conserving water.

Water by hand: You can water deliberately and effectively by paying close attention to where that water goes. That is harder to do with a sprinkler! Water only the base of plants to avoid any overhead water loss. Give plants a good deep drink infrequently to keep them healthy and reduce evaporation.

Mulch: Add mulch and bark chips to the base of plants, shrubs and trees to reduce evaporation and trap in soil moisture. This acts as insulation for plants and helps you to save water while keeping trees healthy. Learn more about mulching here.