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reduce lawn

You can conserve water and help the environment by eliminating or reducing the size of your lawn. Many lawns are purely decorative yet they take so much time, energy and money to maintain. Think about all that water, fertilizer and mowing that you could be saving!


If you don’t actively use all your lawn space, consider turning some or all of it into planting beds. You can cover and mulch the grass in between the beds to create a neat and tidy look while suppressing the grass and creating a whole new garden!


Use drought-tolerant plants in your new planting bed to continue saving water while still having an attractive landscape. Many herbs, like lavender, sage and rosemary, do well without much water. We also recommend trying out some Bay Area native plants as well as drought-tolerant trees and succulents. You can see a full list of recommended drought-tolerant plants on our website!