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Regular watering is necessary to maintain a healthy garden. As we continue with this drought year, your garden will need plenty of water to thrive. However, there are many ways to conserve water and still maintain gorgeous plants. Here are a few tips:

Mulch: As we said in our article above, adding mulch helps to slow down evaporation and traps in moisture! (Scroll up to learn more).

Water closely: When you water your plants, get close to them. Point your hose or sprayer at the soil and direct all water there. Avoid watering the tops of plants- this wastes water and can lead to leaf burn. If you are watering by hand, you can turn the hose on low and just leave it in a planting bed for a while, moving it every few minutes.

Get a Sprinkler System: We recommend installing a timed sprinkler system, rather than using a hose attachment sprinkler. Sprinkler systems only water the soil and roots and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your plants and your climate. Some smart systems now can even automatically adjust for weather conditions. These systems save tons of time, water and money!

Water when it’s cool: Water your plants in the early morning, or in the evening, to minimize evaporation. Watch out for windy conditions because that can vastly contribute to water waste. Try to keep your hose close to the ground to prevent water from getting carried away.